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Confidentaility and GDPR

I am fully GDPR compliant. This legislation was introduced in May 2018 and is aimed at large online organisations such as Facebook, that store data relating to millions of individuals, electronically. The legislation regulates the storage, and transferring of such personal data. There are implications for counsellors.

I will only store two types of information on computers, and these will be coded to anonymise the data: personal data such as first names and telephone numbers, and a brief summary of your issues. No sensitive data, such as mental health information, will be stored on computers. Even if my computer is hacked, no identifiable data of yours could end up where you don’t want it to go.

I offer confidentiality to all of my clients as part of my process to build up trust with you. I will not give out information to any third parties without your permission, not even if they ask whether you are a client, or have attended any sessions. The only exception to this is if there is a concern about safety involving young people and children under 18, or vulnerable adults. Even with this scenario, I would always try to work with you rather than going behind your back.

I do everything I can to offer you the service that you want. If you are dissatisfied, in the first instance, please tell me and have a discussion with me about this. If you are still dissatisfied, and want to make a formal complaint, you can contact my professional body, the BACP

Confidentiality and GDPR: FAQ
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