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Testimonials: Testimonials

I was so hesitant about getting therapy at the start and even when I was looking but it turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done.  I feel like there's a huge weight gone from my shoulders and I'm finally able to accept and look forward to the path I'm on and in doing so it's allowed me to grow and really enjoy who I'm becoming.

When I sought out a therapist I was struggling to function and crucially unable to figure out what was causing my pain. Peter helped me slowly unravel my problems so that I could understand them, and then how I could learn to deal with them. The progress we made was incredible, and over time it felt like the fog had been lifted and I was able to enjoy the days again. Peter is warm, patient, non-judgemental, and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a helping hand during a difficult time.

When I came to Pete, I was constantly filled with anxiety about my work. Pete was a wonderful listener, prompting me to talk through my worries and giving me lots of space to do so. I think he probably knew what was causing the anxiety from our first set of sessions, but instead slowly prompted me to work through the underlying causes of the anxiety at my own pace. I looked forward to our lessons every week as I always left feeling calm, and one step further towards dealing with my anxiety. I couldn’t recommend Pete enough as his approach is one of kindness, patience and trust.

When I first started my sessions I was filled with anxiety about my job, and no longer have anxiety about my job. Without being too cliche it honestly changed my life. It helped me to work through anxiety about work, family and social life. It has also equipped me with skills should I face anxiety, I now know how to deal with it.

Therapy was so so hard, and I didn’t know if it was worth it at the time, but now looking back the difference is amazing. To talk to someone without being judged and knowing that they will keep it all to themselves. I am going to be myself, truly myself, unapologetically myself.

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