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About me

Peter Rawling - Counsellor

I am a fully qualified Therapist. I have worked with adult and young people who have come with lots of different issues, such as low-mood, sadness, anxiety, spiritual issues, self--harm and suicidal thoughts and intention. I have worked with clients from a variety of faiths, sexualities and gender.

I can use music in my therapeutic work if it is helpful to the client. Sometimes I improvise music in sessions to feel and understand what may be too difficult for my client to put into words. I can also record the music and send it to the client afterwards. I believe in working with the whole of the person. Not just the mind, the feelings or the body. Music touches all these things together.

I have experience of working with both adults and young people. Sometimes parents want to arrange counselling for their children with me. I always insist that the counselling takes place with the young person, without their parents present, and without me reporting to the parents on any aspects of the work, unless the young client gives permission.

Please email to book an appointment.

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Music begins when words fail

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